Offsite Production

Offsite Production

At MEGASLEEK, our entire OFFSITE PANEL MANUFACTURING process happens in-house at our strategically located units in Hyderabad. Our centrally Located Production Units are founded to service the need of our Pan India Presence by managing quality in a controlled environment and minimizing shipping distances to the projects across the country. Located in Heart of the Country, our units are only 500kms away from Most of the metro cities.

We have two Manufacturing Units with combined area of more than 2 lakh square foot.

The facility has been designed and operated according to Just in Time Production principles including small lot sizes, flow, level-loaded operations, and safety and quality built into the process.

Quick Facts

  • 2 Manufacturing facilities totalling more than 2,00,000 square feet
  • Produces more than 500 sqm of Exterior Curtain Wall daily, approximately 150000 sqm annually
  • State of Art Facility with World Class Automated CNC Machines

Our shop floor contains state-of-the-art Saw and CNC machines, custom-built assembly tables, and high-volume silicone pumps. In addition, our production team is highly skilled and possesses substantial experience building finished units, from the simplest, typical unit to the most complex.

MEGASLEEK has focused on its safety, quality, delivery and productivity through Lean and Continuous Improvement initiatives. We have seen significant savings due to the efforts, as well as improved execution leading to fewer schedule surprises and better financial predictability.